Will Daniel Bryan VS Christian Happen At Summerslam?


Daniel Bryan And A.J On Smackdown Last Night Was Invited To The Peep Show Of Course The Host Of The Show Christian.Chrstian Asked Daniel Bryan “Do You Love A.J? They Both Say Yes Christian Asked The Crowd “Do You Think Daniel Bryan Loves A.J? The Whole Building Says No And A.J Gets Ticked Off As Always. Christian Is Now Finally Asking A.J “Do You Know What Your’e Doing And Says Again “Do You Know What Your Doing At All? Then A.J Smacks Christian And They Are Leaving The Ring And Christian Says “Wait You Have A Match Tonight And Says He Is Giving Him A Little Of Advice For The Match Saying That “Maybe Before Asking A Girl To Marry You Maybe You Should See If She Has A Little Bit Of Ex Baggage Maybe A Psychotic Ex Boyfriend Actually A Psychotic Ex Boyfriend Who You Will Be Facing Right Now! Then Kane’s Fireworks Comes Out And Daniel Bryan And A.J Are Frightend You Can See Results Of The Match  Right Here.


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