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Cody Rhodes A Future WWE Champion?

Cody Rhodes Is The Type Is Wrestler That Everybody Pays Attention To He Is One Of The Top High Flyers In WWE He Has Already One The World Tag Team Title And Currently The IC Champion In My Opinion He Has All The Potential To Become A WWE Champion Or A World Hevyweight Champion He”s Had That Title For A Year And I Think He Is Going To Have That IC Title Until He Wins The WWE Title Or World Hevyweight Title. He Has The Image For A World Champion And He Is Not Just A Entertainer He Is A Great Tecnical Wrestler.Will He Win A WWE Title This Year In Mid 2012?.

WWE Smackdown Results (9/9/2011) – Champion vs. Champion

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Mark Henry

They start with a test of strength, and when it appears Zeke is powering out, Henry gives him a back body drop. Zeke wanna go for another test of strength, but Henry cuts it off and puts him in a arm hold. Henry drops Ezekiel again. Zeke fires punches and tries to put Mark in the Torture Rack to no avail. Henry goes outside to regroup, Zeke follows and eats a boot to the face. Mark drives Zeke’s spine to the ring post, puts him back in the ring, drops a clothesline, two World’s Strongest Splashes and a World’s Strongest Slam. Cover and this one is over.

Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall

The announcers plug the Champion vs. Champion match between the two former Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. We go to Teddy Long’s office. He’s talking to the phone that “You couldn’t have chosen a better person for the cover than the WHC Randy Orton.” Enters Aksana asking to be the special guest ring announcer again this week. Teddy tells her that if she announces every week, it wouldn’t be special. She answers saying that ring announcing isn’t the only special thing she can do with her mouth. She can sing too. She thinks they can make beautiful music together. Teddy says that thinks that would be fine but he needs to check on Zack Ryder now and leaves the room.

Out comes Sin Cara to a pop, even despite his actions last week, which were replayed. We go for a break.


Back from break, we get our next match:

Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd

They start with a lock-up and some chain wrestling with acrobatics. The stalemate ends when Cara lands a hurricanrana sending Kidd outside. Cara climbs to the top rope and gives a cross body to Tyson. Cara puts Kidd back in the ring, covers and a two count. Cara places Kidd against the turnbuckle, and starts with some kicks and chops. Irish whips Kidd to another corner, but when he runs towards him he is met with a hip toss that sends Cara back first in the turnbuckles. Cover and only two. Tyson in control with some forearms. He whips Cara to the ropes and gives him a elbow to the gut. Snapmare and kick to the back. Cover and one count. Tyson goes for a seated underhook lock. Cara stands up. Tyson goes for a back suplex but Cara lands on his feet, ducks an incoming clothesline and counters with a enzuigiri. They trade blows for a while and Kidd reverses a whip, sending Cara to a corner, but he holds to the ropes and lands on the apron in acrobatic fashion. Shoulder block to the gut by Cara and then a springboard cross chop for two. Cara with kicks and a springboard cross body that is countered into a pin in predicament for two. Kidd kicks Cara in the gut but when he runs towards Sin Cara, he is met with a variation of the Angle Slam. He goes for his Hilo/Moonsault combo finisher, covers and the three.

Winner: Sin Cara via pinfall

Josh Matthews go for a interview with Cara. He asks Cara if he can understand him because he doesn’t speak English. But we have seen a more agressive side of him as of late, and he wants to know why. He than answers (in an English-Spanish combination, similar to what Mahal does) that he is an intense competitor, and in Mexico he was a big star but ever since he came to the WWE he held back out of respect for the other people. But now that he is here, no one will stop him, or take his style, his agression, this is the real Sin Cara.

Out comes Daniel Bryan. He tells that he is surprised Cara speaks English, he didn’t saw that one coming, just like he didn’t saw the kick he was given last week coming. But when he did that, he spoke in universal language that he doesn’t respect Daniel Bryan. Now they have a problem, but Bryan suggests a match next week to solve it. Cara gives Bryan a low blow and the LeBell Lock.

Still to come tonight is Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett and the main event, Rhodes vs. Orton.


Back from the break we get a Cody Rhodes video package. We go to the locker room where Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton about his match with Cody Rhodes. Orton answers that ever since Cody’s face was bashed he changed, but not for the better. Cody’s unstable, and unstable can be dangerous. Just as dangerous as is Mark Henry, who is now at the peak of his career, leaving people wondering who can stop The World’s Strongest Man. Randy tells the answer to that question is an RKO.

Enter the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, as we go for commercial.


Back from break, the announcers plug the “Divas of Doom” situation, as Natalya enters along with Beth Phoenix for our Divas Match of the night.

Natalya vs. Divas Champion Kelly Kelly – non-title match

Natalya runs towards Kelly who ducks and goes straight with forearms. Kelly tries to whip Natalya who holds on, whips Kelly to the corner, goes for a clothesline which is ducked and countered into a bulldog for a one count. Natalya stands up and manages to put KK in eletric chair position, but Kelly holds to the ropes and puts the Calgary Diva in a Tarantula-like submission. The ref counts until 4, and Kelly breaks up and goes to the outside, only to be met by a knee on her way back into the ring. Dropping her outside again. Beth Phoenix draws Kelly’s attention for Natalya to come with a forearm from behind. Natalya slaps Kelly, drags her back to the ring and kicks her in the gut. Natalya taunts Kelly and picks her up to put her in an abdominal stretch. The Divas Champion tries to fight back but is mat slammed. Cover and two count. Natalya picks her up again and presses her against the ropes, taunting Kelly. When the ref breaks up, Kelly comes back with a slap, escapes the Alabama Slam attempt by holding to the ropes and landing on the apron, and tries a springboard sunset flip. Natalya counters into a Sharpshooter, only to be countered with a small package for the three count.

Winner: Divas Champion Kelly Kelly via pinfall

Kelly exits the ring to avoid a Beth Phoenix attack. The Sheamus-Barrett match is plugged as we go to a break.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

They lock-up to start and get a stalemate. They go to the corner, and the ref breaks up the hold. Sheamus taunts Barrett. They lock up again and Sheamus secures a side headlock takedown. Barrett gets up, whips Sheamus to the ropes, but eats a shoulder block for two. Barrett fights back with punches, headbutts and kicks. Sheamus answers with a kick to the shin when Barrett runs towards him in the corner, and some hammer clubs, punches and headbutts. Sheamus whips Barrett in the ropes, eats a kick, but counters with a elbow to the face, and Barrett rolls out of the ring. Wade takes his time to come back. The former Nexus leader lands a kick to the gut and some forearms to the back of Sheamus’ head. Sheamus fights back and starts firing away at Barrett and gets in total control. After some punches, kicks and stomps, he tries to whip Barrett into a corner, but Barrett reverses and sends Sheamus crashing into it. Barrett drops an elbow and kicks Sheamus’ back, picks him up, whips him to the ropes, and meets him with a flying forearm for a two count. Barrett is in control and starts hitting consecutive hammer clubs at Sheamus’ chest, and knees to his back, before putting him in a hold as we go for commercial.

Winner: Sheamus via disqualification

Christian stomps and punches away at Sheamus, who fights back but is stopped when Barrett joins the assault. They pick Sheamus up, and he fights back again, this time Christian bails out and Barrett ends up eating a Brogue Kick. Christian tries to attack him from the top rope but Sheamus counters it. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Christian escapes and this time exits the ring for good.

The main event is plugged, and we go to commercial.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

After the match, Mark Henry walks to the ring. Champion and challenger stare eachother in the middle of the squared circle. Orton forgets the no-contact and fires punches at Henry. He goes for RKO but is whipped to the corner. Henry gives him a clothesline, picks him up, and delivers two World’s Strongest Slams. Henry picks a chair, places it on atop of Orton and sits. He tells Randy he could have broke his leg, but that’s not how he wants to win the title, and that’s the only reason he didn’t do it. Henry stands tall as the show ends.

WWE Smackdown House Show Results (9/04/11) – Paris, France

Smackdowns Second House Show This Week rom France And Here Are The Results.

Daniel Bryan defeats Wade Barrett (8 min)

* The Great Khali & Jinder Mahal defeat The Usos (9 min)

* Alicia Fox defeats Natalya (5 min)

* Ezekiel Jackson quickly puts Heath Slater in the torture rack (1 min !!)

* Sheamus & Randy Orton defeat Mark Henry & Christian (20 min, really funny Randy was in great mood jumping while touching both feet and throwing a contest : Christian did it with only one foot, Mark Henry did a “kiss my butt” and Sheamus fakes a brogue kick in Christian’s face. Cool chemistry between Randy and Sheamus)

— 30 min break —

* Brodus Clay defeats Yoshi Tatsu (4 min)

* Sin “Arias” Cara defeats Tyson Kidd (10 min)

* In a 2 out of 3 falls, Cody Rhodes wins by disqualification and retains his belt against Ted DiBiase, after the match Brodus and Tyson came to help Cody beats Ted but Sin Cara and the Usos came to the rescue and clear the mat. Sin Cara finished with his moonsault and stay a long time shaking hands, talking and taking pictures with the audience. Sin stole the show. (30 min)

WWE Smackdown House Show Results (9/03/11) – Paris, France

Christian won a show opening battle royal to earn a World Heavyweight Championship shot later in the night.

* Alicia Fox b. Natalya

* Jinder Mahal w/The Great Khali b. Ted DiBiase

* Sin Cara b. Tyson Kidd

* Sheamus b. Wade Barrett

* Mark Henry b. Ezekiel Jackson

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes b. Daniel Bryan

* World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton b. Christian

Randy Orton Have The Best Matches For The World Hevyweight Title

Randy Orton Current World Hevyweight Champion On WWE Smackdown And He Has A Lot Of Great Matches For The World Title He Was Against Christian In A Great Steel Cage Match Last Friday What Was A Great Match And He Has Been Having Great World Title Matches Since 2004 Against Chris Beniot And Triple H So Randy Orton Had Some Classic Matches For The World Hevyweight Title.